Review: Bubble Tea

When something really unique and off the wall comes by, it has the ability to make people do a double-take and take notice. And that’s what Bubble Tea was for us. Amid heists and dinosaurs and sprawling story-telling games, suddenly we were looking at Aza Chen’s precious, vibrant artwork on the box of a game about boba: pearls of tapioca or chunks of coconut jelly, suspended in a sweet mix of tea and fruity flavour. Continue reading Review: Bubble Tea

Growing Pains

We both work at a FLGS. Among the many hats I wear, I help the owner sift through the pre-orders that our distributors post up on a weekly basis. I add every one of them to a spreadsheet that we use to keep track of what we’ve pre-ordered from whom: how many copies, what date it was ordered, what the wholesale cost from the distributor … Continue reading Growing Pains

Review: The Old Hellfire Club

Board games have taken us to all kinds of locales over the years–from fictional and fantastical lands, to the very depths and edges of the universe, to every conceivable period from human history…But I don’t know that we’ve ever found ourselves in the dim, smoky underground of a gin palace in Victorian England, telling tall tales tinged with truth in exchange for just a few pennies more. Continue reading Review: The Old Hellfire Club

Review: Chai

(Full disclosure: the copy of Chai we were provided was a prototypical review copy, and was not representative of the finished product, so while I’m happy to comment on the way the components worked together and the vision that Steeped Games has for their product, I can’t offer as concrete of a viewpoint of the design as I have on previously reviewed titles.) The relationship … Continue reading Review: Chai