Review: The Captain Is Dead

The last time a board game immersed me this thoroughly in the story unfolding on the tabletop was Pandemic Legacy, Season One…But Legacy-style games have an almost unfair advantage over other games when it comes to telling a story and prompting everyone around the table to buy in. When you’ve already committed hours and hours to telling the story thus far, it’s easy to be invested in the characters, the world, and the outcome. The Captain Is Dead accomplished that within an hour and fifteen minutes. Continue reading Review: The Captain Is Dead

Review: Paladins of the West Kingdom

It doesn’t matter what type of media you’re talking about–video games, movies, television shows, books, or board games–there are always certain cultural milestones that come along and provide a sense of definition. They aren’t always revolutionary, incontrovertibly changing the landscape from that day forward, but they are momentous nonetheless, reaching such a point of near-universality that it can seem strange to those in the community … Continue reading Review: Paladins of the West Kingdom