Review: Paladins of the West Kingdom

It doesn’t matter what type of media you’re talking about–video games, movies, television shows, books, or board games–there are always certain cultural milestones that come along and provide a sense of definition. They aren’t always revolutionary, incontrovertibly changing the landscape from that day forward, but they are momentous nonetheless, reaching such a point of near-universality that it can seem strange to those in the community … Continue reading Review: Paladins of the West Kingdom

Review: Bubble Tea

When something really unique and off the wall comes by, it has the ability to make people do a double-take and take notice. And that’s what Bubble Tea was for us. Amid heists and dinosaurs and sprawling story-telling games, suddenly we were looking at Aza Chen’s precious, vibrant artwork on the box of a game about boba: pearls of tapioca or chunks of coconut jelly, suspended in a sweet mix of tea and fruity flavour. Continue reading Review: Bubble Tea